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    Gaza: with each cycle of violence, hearts grow heavier

    Preparing for the worst

    Response and resilience are not mere buzzwords; for many in Gaza, they are the lifelines that separate survival from tragedy.

    First responders utilize more peaceful times to prepare for the next round of hostilities. They understand all too well the devastation that each escalation brings and therefore participate in training sessions to efficiently respond to the most pressing needs.

    Recognizing the critical nature of these preparations, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) supports these trainings on emergency preparedness and response. Mr. Raafat Jaarour, the Head of the Training and Capacity Building department of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, spoke of the actual impacts of this preparation.

    The training played a significant role in speeding up our response in providing life-saving services…During the latest escalation, the paramedics applied what they learned from the ICRC specialists, which helped them save many lives.

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