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    Installation of a separation barrier place De-Grenus | City of Geneva

    Installation of a barrier

    Since spring 2020, a traffic pattern is in place on a trial basis in the Saint-Gervais district, prohibiting the circulation of motorized traffic on rue and place De-Grenus. Only access to the Manor car park is permitted for private motorized traffic.

    This measure had been taken with the aim of calming traffic in this district made up of small historic alleys not suitable for motorized traffic. A report on this test carried out by an engineering office showed that the prohibition measure was bearing fruit and had made it possible to eliminate part of the transit. However, it was found that illegal transit continued.

    Also, in order to enforce the traffic ban, a physical obstacle proved necessary, with installing a separation barrier on the public domain at the entrance and exit of the MANOR car park. From now on only access from the car park will be possible and all transit will be removed.

    This arrangement has been in effect since today. On-site security officers will accompany the implementation of this ban by distributing information notices to motorists around Place De-Grenus for approximately 4 weeks.

    Modified circulation

    Traffic prohibited

    There movement of individual motorized vehicles is so prohibited on rue De-Grenus and place De-Grenus, with the exception of rights holdersto know:

    • MANOR car park users during store opening hours,
    • taxis,
    • disabled transport,
    • HSBC logistics,
    • emergency services,
    • communal services.

    Restricted circulation

    Access streets are also affected by this restriction:

    • Rue Paul-Bouchet (incoming and outgoing access);
    • Rue Rousseau (incoming and outgoing access);
    • Rue De-Grenus (incoming and outgoing access);
    • Rue du Cendrier (inbound access);
    • Rue des Etuves (exiting access);
    • Rue Kléberg (exiting access).

    Delivery areas

    The delivery zones remain unchanged, namely:

    • 3 boxes on Rousseau Street;
    • Along the rue de Coutance, from the opening of the shops to 11:30 am.

    Controls will be increased to penalize the illegal use of parking and reserve these areas for delivery people from all adjacent businesses.

    Guiding elements

    The intervention framework of this measure is part of a broader planning, whose laws and master plans integrate the will of give the inner city of the City of Geneva a priority for traffic calming: promotion of soft mobility and public transport, reduction and above all control of transit traffic on neighborhood streets.

    • The LMCE law: priority to soft modes and TC in zone 1 (city center)
    • The climate plan: fight against heat islands
    • Cantonal and municipal master plans: protection of neighborhoods, securing soft modes, public space for people with reduced mobility and children.

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