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    EU Sanctions Enforcement Talks Stall, Draw Parliament Ire

    Brussels – Negotiations between the European Parliament and EU member states on enhancing sanctions enforcement broke down Thursday evening without agreement. Parliament lawmakers expressed frustration, arguing quicker progress is needed to close loopholes aiding Russia.

    “The effectiveness of the EU sanctions regime is severely undermined by the patchwork of national legal systems, and by uneven and weak enforcement,” said the parliament negotiating team in a statement.

    They contend that sanctioned Russian individuals and entities are still able to travel and do business in parts of the EU. Funds also continue flowing to Russia due to uneven enforcement.

    The disputed legislation would standardize penalties across the EU for violating Russia sanctions. But the talks hit an impasse over certain provisions.

    “Each day that passes helps Putin’s war efforts,” the parliament team argued. “We therefore call on the Council to reconsider its position, and to resume talks as soon as possible.”

    Lead negotiator Sophie In ‘t Veld said “[t]he European Parliament believes the violation of sanctions must be criminalised, enforcement of sanctions must be improved, and forum shopping for the weakest national system must end.”

    The parliament statements indicate a view that EU sanctions against Russian elites need sharper teeth. But bridging the divide with member states on enforcement mechanisms remains an ongoing challenge.

    With the Ukraine invasion soon to enter its second year, the parliament team stated they “stand ready to continue the talks and find agreement on the outstanding issues” around restricting Russian finances. But the stalled talks so far point to lingering obstacles.

    We acknowledge The European Times for the information.



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