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    Children’s rights: the City of Geneva receives the “Child-Friendly Municipality” label | City of Geneva

    This moment was also an opportunity for Administrative Advisor Christina Kitsos to present the municipal action plan in favor of children and youth for the period 2022-2026in the presence of representatives ofUNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein and several associative actors partners of the City of Geneva.

    THE Label was presented by Flávio Borda d’Água, delegate of UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein to Christina Kitsos, Administrative Advisor in charge of Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarityin a climate attesting to the quality and strength of the actions implemented daily in the City of Geneva.

    A long-term commitment

    The Label renewed by UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein rewards the continued efforts of the City regarding the taking into account the needs children and young people and adapting its services accordingly. The various projects highlighted meet the criteria of the UNICEF Commission, made up of specialists in children and youth policy. This commission congratulates the City for its commitment over time, his concern forimprovement constant, as well as theinnovation measures and initiatives put in place.

    By following the recommendations issued by UNICEF in 2018, the City’s action now takes more into account young people and the themes that concern them more directly.

    Focus on participation

    During the Ceremony, two young members of the project “Think of your Soss” shared their experiences after contributing to this initiative. This prevention project developed by young people for their peers, attests to the ever-increasing participation of young people in projects that have a very direct impact on them.

    Two children who participated in the French-speaking children’s conference last November also spoke after the broadcast of a video presenting the event. Their sharing made it possible to highlight the involvement of children in decisions that concern them and the active listening of several political figures.

    The City pursues the objective of adapting to young residents, which involves making the urban environment more welcoming and safer. Another essential issue will consist of develop activities in the socio-cultural, sporting, or even artistic fields and in connection with nature. Bringing these services to life also means continuing the effort to ensure accessibility to all audiences, particularly the most vulnerable.

    The 2022-2026 Municipal Action Plan

    The 2022-2026 Municipal Action Plan, led by an interdepartmental working group, is available in three central axes:

    • There protection which involves guaranteeing the quality of life and safety of young residents and users in the City;
    • L’inclusion which ensures equal opportunities and accessibility to municipal services for all children and young people, regardless of their origin, social situation, sexual orientation or abilities;
    • There participation which consists of encouraging the expression of the words of children and young people and strengthening the legitimacy of their contributions to the life of the City.

    These guidelines are part of the priorities of the current legislature and concretize through numerous projects the City’s commitment to promotion children’s rights.

    The 2022-2026 Municipal Action Plan is available in footer download

    Constant progress

    Current themes, particularly in the areas ofdigital environmentof the’equality and some social justice are particularly taken into account. By way of example, we can cite in particular prevention projects and alternative activities to screens for children and young people, access to cultural, creative or nature-related services, such as Children’s buildingor even the participation of young people in the City’s climate strategy.

    The desire for improvement demonstrated by the City will also be expressed through the careful monitoring of the Action Plan, thanks to a indicator system which will report each year on the achievement of the objectives.

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