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    Climate trail: an educational journey in 11 courses | City of Geneva

    Today, in the City of Geneva as in every other town or city, climate change is becoming increasingly palpable (heat islands, heatwaves, droughts, etc.), and municipalities must now introduce public policies and action plans to cope with these changes.

    To give the population an educational overview of the actions taken by the City to adapt the urban area and limit the consequences of climate change, a trail has been created in 11 stages. It runs between the redevelopment of Rue des Rois and the MACO, located in Châtelaine. The stages of the trail provide information on upcoming or completed projects implemented or supported by the City of Geneva.

    Each of the 11 stages is linked to one of the thrusts of the Climate Strategy adopted by the City in 2022.

    The trail is accessible on foot and takes about two hours to complete, but it is possible to access individual courses as they are all independent of one another.

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