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    Closure of the Frank-Thomas emergency accommodation center and rehousing of homeless people in hotels | City of Geneva

    From March 2020, the start of the pandemic, to September 2022, the Frank-Thomas Emergency Shelter Center provided unconditional basic welcome close to 1,300 people presenting physical or psychological health difficulties. With 125 places managed by the Social servicethis place offered, during this period, 95’555 nights. Approximately 199,647 meals were served.

    The Frank-Thomas building is the subject of a development project and must be returned to the Canton. In order to rehouse beneficiaries as quickly as possible, other structures emergency accommodation of the City of Geneva take over. Around a hundred people were accommodated in two hotels. This hotel reception is provided 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It aims for shelter for a renewable period of 30 days and social support from Social Service professionals. This system is aimed at people whose administrative status is in the process of being regularized.

    This hotel offer is supplemented by accommodation at theRichemont PC shelterwith:

    • 50 places for men;
    • 24 for women;
    • 3 places reserved for emergencies.

    Access to these services is offered via:

    • a call to the Emergency Accommodation Solidarity Hotline (0800 22 22 10);
    • an appointment at Right bank social club.

    This new organization is part of the broader perspective of a empowerment homeless people and their reintegration in the community. L’emergency accommodation constitutes a priority of Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity.

    Frank-Thomas: A highlight for social emergency

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