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    Continental Launches VikingContact 8: The Ultimate Winter Tire for Nordic Conditions

    Continental Launches VikingContact 8: The Ultimate Winter Tire for Nordic Conditions

    (IN BRIEF) Continental is proud to introduce the VikingContact 8, the latest innovation in winter tire technology designed specifically for the demanding conditions of Nordic winters. Engineered with a focus on safety, comfort, and sustainability, the VikingContact 8 sets a new standard for performance in cold climates while catering to the evolving needs of modern vehicles, including electric cars. Featuring an advanced directional tread pattern and symmetrical grooves, the tire ensures superior traction on snow and ice by efficiently evacuating water and slush from the contact patch. Innovative 3-layer sipes and a state-of-the-art tread compound provide exceptional grip and stability at low temperatures, contributing to enhanced fuel efficiency and extended range for electric vehicles. With reduced road noise and top-tier EU tire label ratings for noise and rolling resistance, the VikingContact 8 delivers a quieter, smoother driving experience without compromising on safety or performance. Experience the next-generation of winter driving with Continental’s VikingContact 8.

    (PRESS RELEASE) HANOVER, 16-Feb-2024 — /EuropaWire/ — Revolutionizing winter driving, Continental (ETR: CON), a German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company, is thrilled to introduce the VikingContact 8, the latest soft compound winter tire, replacing its predecessor with immediate effect. Engineered with a relentless focus on delivering safety in the unforgiving Nordic winters, enhanced comfort, and reduced rolling resistance, this tire caters perfectly to the evolving needs of the Nordic markets, including the burgeoning fleet of electric vehicles.

    Setting a new standard in tire design, the VikingContact 8 showcases a sophisticated evolution of its highly acclaimed predecessor. Garnering top rankings in various industry tests, its directional tread pattern, adorned with symmetrical grooves, swiftly expels water and slush from the contact patch. Meanwhile, the gripping edges of the blocks firmly embed into wintry road surfaces, ensuring secure transfer of braking and acceleration forces, even amidst snow and ice. Cornering on wet and dry roads is a breeze, thanks to the tire’s 3D sipes and block bridges, which stabilize the tread and facilitate rapid water drainage, resulting in a precise handling experience.

    At the heart of its performance lies the innovative tread compound, meticulously crafted by our Continental chemists to deliver unparalleled flexibility even at extreme cold temperatures. This flexibility translates into superior grip and traction on snow and ice, while simultaneously reducing tire deformation and energy loss, thus lowering rolling resistance. Moreover, leveraging our latest research findings, the tire’s construction incorporates materials aimed at minimizing internal friction, further contributing to reduced rolling resistance, and ultimately enhancing fuel efficiency in traditional vehicles and extending the range of electric cars.

    Beyond performance, the VikingContact 8 prioritizes comfort and environmental responsibility. Its advanced tread design, complete with lateral grooves and a flexible tire compound, significantly diminishes road noise, providing passengers with a smoother, quieter ride. This feature is particularly beneficial for electric vehicle drivers, who experience heightened sensitivity to tire noise. Notably, the VikingContact 8 boasts a top-tier A rating on the EU tire label for noise reduction, along with impressive ratings of A or B for rolling resistance (depending on size) and a D rating for wet braking distances. Additionally, it proudly bears the ice symbol on the EU label, signifying its exceptional safety attributes in Nordic winters.

    The VikingContact 8 represents a leap forward in winter tire technology, promising drivers unparalleled safety, comfort, and performance in the harshest of conditions. Experience the next evolution in winter driving with the VikingContact 8.

    Arne Kouker
    Media Relations Manager
    Replacement Tires EMEA
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