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    Eglantyne Jebb at the Cemetery of the Kings | City of Geneva

    The year 2024 marks the hundred years of Geneva Declarationdocument which inspired the current UN Convention on the Rights of the Childadopted in 1989.

    On September 26, 1924, the League of Nations ratified the Geneva Declaration. A text that marks History, since it recognizefor the first time, specific rights of children.

    Eglantyne Jebb, born August 25, 1876 in Ellesmere (England) and died December 17, 1928 in Geneva, is at the origin of this Declaration. She remains a unknown pioneerwhose journey has been punctuated by numerous humanitarian actions in Europe.

    In order to pay tribute to the strength of Eglantyne Jebb’s message and its extraordinary modernitya series of events will take place during the year 2024. These celebrations begin on Wednesday February 7 with the transfer of the tomb of Eglantyne Jebb to the Kings.

    Contribution to the influence of Geneva

    Buried in 1928 in Geneva, the remains of Eglantyne Jebb were transferred from Saint-Georges to the Cimetière des Rois, a symbolic step which testifies to our gratitude for the strength of his actions in the field of children’s rights. THE Cemetery of the Kings welcomes the personalities having played an important role in the City.

    Private ceremony and official honors

    The transfer of the remains took place in the strict privacy of the descendants of Eglantyne Jebb and the Anglican community. An official ceremony was organized in the chapel during which many personalities paid tribute to this exceptional woman.

    At the end of the ceremony, Eglantyne Jebb’s biographer, Clare Mulley, spoke briefly at her grave where a message from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, was read.

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