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    European Union and Sweden Discuss Ukraine Support, Defence, and Climate Change

    Brussels, 22 February 2024. In a significant meeting at the heart of the European Union, President von der Leyen welcomed Swedish Prime Minister Kristersson, highlighting the importance of their discussions. The President expressed her gratitude, stating, “It is a great pleasure to have you here, Prime Minister, dear Ulf, at the heart of the European Union. We will certainly have a lot to discuss. So thank you very much for taking the time to meet here.”

    One of the key topics on the agenda was the unwavering support for Ukraine. President von der Leyen commended Prime Minister Kristersson for Sweden’s recent announcement of a substantial military support package for Ukraine, valued at EUR 710 million. She acknowledged Sweden’s steadfast support for Ukraine, stating, “From the very beginning on, you have been a staunch supporter of Ukraine, and thank you for that.”

    The discussion also revolved around the topic of defense, with a focus on enhancing European defense capabilities. President von der Leyen emphasized the importance of European involvement in defense, stating, “European citizens want more Europe in defense.” She highlighted the upcoming European defense industrial strategy and welcomed Prime Minister Kristersson’s insights, noting Sweden’s strong defense industrial base and its path towards NATO membership.

    Addressing the pressing issue of climate change, both leaders discussed strategies to combat climate change and ensure economic competitiveness. President von der Leyen underscored the significance of achieving climate goals and transitioning to a clean and circular economy. She emphasized the need to focus not only on the ‘what’ but also on the ‘how’ of reaching these goals, highlighting the importance of improving economic competitiveness while pursuing environmental sustainability.

    With a packed agenda encompassing support for Ukraine, defense cooperation, and climate action, the meeting between the European Union and Sweden promises to pave the way for enhanced collaboration and shared goals in the realms of security and sustainability.

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