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    Exceptional athletes passed on their passion to young people this summer | City of Geneva

    The partnership with these three athletes allowed children to have the chance to share a course, this summer 2023, with Justine Mettraux and Alan Roura during their sailing courses organized by the Sports Department in collaboration with La Société Nautique de Geneva.

    A special moment during which the navigator and navigator were able to exchange and share their experiences with these future sailors. “These exchanges between young people and elites were enriching,” underlines administrative advisor Marie Barbey-Chpuis who attended these courses. “It is essential that these great athletes pass on their experience and their passion to younger generations because children need role models to build themselves and pursue their dreams.”

    Over a period of four years (2021-2024), the City of Geneva financially supports and supports these 3 Geneva athletes during their training and competitions, with the final objective of a great performance in a very major competition:

    • Justine Mettraux and Alan Roura: the 2024 Vendée Globe, with a round-the-world sailing trip
    • Elise Chabbey: the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, with the road cycling events.

    Participation in the Vendée Globe and the Olympic Games in 2024

    For the navigator, Justine Mettraux, and the navigator, Alan Roura, the die is now cast, their participation in the Vendée Globe 2024 having been accepted by the organizers of this legendary round-the-world race. Concerning Elise Chabbey, she will give everything in the coming months with the other runners of the Swiss team to win her place and be part of the Swiss delegation which will participate in the next Olympic Games which will take place in summer 2024 in Paris.

    Throughout the year, the City of Geneva supports Geneva’s champions not only financially, but also by honoring them during various ceremonies and events. Among these, the Geneva sports night, organized in partnership with the canton, which rewards Geneva athletes every December who have reached the highest step of a national and/or international podium during the past year. We can also mention the communication actions relating to their achievements, their objectives and their journeys, in order to make them even better known to the population and inspire other aspiring athletes. Find all the news about these three athletes on the following web pages:

    A public conference and free is organized Thursday March 21, 2024 for the benefit of the Geneva population with the exceptional participation of the Geneva sailor Justine Mettraux and Geneva sailor Alan Roura. They will discuss their preparation for the legendary Vendée Globe 2024 race. Information and details are on this link.

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