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    The municipal police of the City of Geneva raise awareness of the procedures for dog owners | City of Geneva

    The action was greeted with enthusiasm by the people of Geneva, who warmly received the municipal police officers. Surprised at first sight by these patrols with different breeds of dogs, many citizens came to meet them, challenged by this original approach.

    Spontaneous exchanges

    These spontaneous exchanges allowed citizens to ask questions and obtain practical advice on responsible dog ownership. Beyond raising awareness of administrative procedures such as obtaining the official inspection mark, agents took this opportunity to promote essential values ​​such as safety, compliance with regulations, and well-being. animals in our city. The people met largely congratulated the municipal police for this prevention action and this communication approach by involving their personal dogs.

    According to Christine Camp, Commander of the municipal police of the City of Geneva, this initiative “is part of the mission entrusted to our body to commit to the security and well-being of Genevans, while affirming our proximity to the concerns of these last eras. We are not only agents enforcing current regulations, but also dog owners who understand the challenges and joys of sharing life with a pet.

    Given the positive reception of this action by the population, the Municipal Police of the City of Geneva intends repeat the experience in order to continue its commitment to the safety and well-being of all residents, humans and animals, of the City of Geneva.

    To find out more about the steps to follow as a dog owner in Geneva, we invite you to visit the dedicated page on the City of Geneva website:

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