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    Geneva “Digital D-Tox” Day 2024 | City of Geneva

    Digital activity generates approximately 4% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissionsa figure that is constantly growing.

    By adopting more sustainable practices, it is possible to collectively reduce this impact. As part of this international action and for the third consecutive year, the Canton and the City of Geneva as well as 19 public and private partners are uniting to act together.

    Moving from intention to action?

    Initiated within the municipal administration, This action is aimed at everyone. The objectives are to question your digital consumption, clean your data and extend the life cycle of your devices.

    80% of the pollution of a digital object comes from its production, which begins with the extraction of rare metals, then its manufacturing and assembly in the factory and finally its transport to its point of sale. Its use represents 20% of its environmental impact.

    Two essential measures are recommended during Digital D-Tox Day as well as on a daily basis:

    1. Reduce your heaviest data
      Destore unnecessary data (emails, files, photos, videos, applications) saved on your phone, computer, cloud or my tablet). Sort by size and delete all files of no value (personal, administrative, legal or patrimonial).
    2. Taking care of your devices
      On a daily basis, take care of your computer, smartphone or tablet to make them last as long as possible. THE protect from shocksTHE turn off at night to extend their batteries and perform updates regularly.

    To support you in this process, a manual and practical advice can be found at the bottom of the page.

    Circular economy and recycling

    What to do with old, unused digital devices? Computer equipment can be upgraded to offer it a second life or to recover metals that it contains. In this sense, the City of Geneva has designed partnerships with associations Accomplished, Itopia And NoOPS for the recovery of its decommissioned computers and the deconstruction-recycling of obsolete mobile phones and tablets.

    Learn more about recycling computer devices

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