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    ICRC Activities in Jordan: Facts & Figures 2023

    The ICRC Delegation in Amman has been at the forefront of delivering essential support to the families of individuals missing due to the Syrian conflict. By orchestrating a series of mental health and psychosocial support sessions, pioneering economic initiatives, and hosting legal workshops, our team has worked hard to meet the complex needs of these families. We provided them with tangible support and emotional relief in their times of need, emphasizing our holistic approach to humanitarian assistance.

    Our dedication to upholding and promoting international humanitarian law has been unwavering. Through meticulous training, dissemination sessions, and collaborations with academic and governmental bodies, the Amman Delegation has been instrumental in enhancing awareness and fostering adherence to international legal standards and norms.

    A key aspect of our operations involved optimizing the delivery of humanitarian aid. The Logistics Support Center played a crucial role in ensuring the timely and effective distribution of essential supplies and relief materials from Jordan to populations impacted by conflict across various regions.

    In reflection, our efforts throughout 2023 have underscored a dedicated commitment to the principles of humanitarianism, a collaborative approach with our partners, and a continuous quest for resilient solutions to reduce human suffering. The Amman Delegation’s activities have not only exemplified our dedication to enhancing the dignity and resilience of vulnerable communities but have also paved the way for enduring positive impacts in the region. You can download the full report here:


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