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    Major exercise to rescue cultural property at the Geneva Library | City of Geneva

    Involving 154 people for two daysthis action, driven by the Geneva Library of the Department of Culture and Digital Transition and the Federal Office for Population Protection, brought together 13 partners, in particular the City Civil Protection (Department of Security and Sports) as well as the cantonal Civil Protection ( Cantonal Office for the Protection of the Population and Military Affairs).

    Life-size exercise

    Monday March 4 at 4 p.m., an alarm sounded at the Geneva Library where preserved exceptional collections. Neither staff nor the public were informed so as to adequately assess the as realistic as possible the evacuation of the site then all the rescue procedures, including the injured. The scenario of the exercise simulated a fire in the basement of the building causing a conservation area to catch fire and the flames to spread through the floors.

    Review of the exercise

    In total, this exceptional exercise will have brought together 154 people including 62 members of the Geneva Library staff, 13 external partners (SIS, TCS ambulances, City Civil Protection and Cantonal Civil Protection, Municipal Police and Cantonal Police, Directorate of the Department of Culture and Digital Transition, Federal Office of Protection and Population, DSIC, DPBA, University of Geneva, Museum of Natural History, Directorate of the General Secretariat), 14 vehicles and will have required a year of preparation.

    Thanks to the mobilization of teams, the very strong involvement of external partners and all the measures put in place (emergency plan, equipment, training and exercises), the strategy for the protection of cultural property of the City of Geneva is now recognized internationally.

    Protection of cultural property (PBC)

    The heritage institutions of the City of Geneva house more than thirty million cultural objects, among them unique heritage treasures of exceptional historical, scientific and technical value are preserved. The transmission of this heritage to future generations guarantees our history and our memory and is one of the missions of the Department of Culture and Digital Transition (DCTN) of the City of Geneva.

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