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    Museums of Geneva: the public there in 2023 | City of Geneva

    Pre-pandemic attendance

    The trend that began in 2022 is confirmed, it is positive! With 1,750,000 visits2023 attendance at the Geneva Museums returns to values ​​equivalent to those recorded in 2019, a record year for the Geneva museum square (1,754,000 in 2019).

    This count has been carried out, since 2015, among the 14 public and private museum institutions federated within the Conference of Geneva Museums.

    “Indicators of the vitality of our Geneva museum space and the receptivity of our audiences, these figures are encouraging in many respects. They reassure us in our vision and in the efforts undertaken to renew our cultural facilities, to welcome our visitors and promote our collections in favorable and environmentally friendly conditions” rejoices Sami Kanaan, Administrative Advisor in charge of culture.

    Renewal of cultural facilities

    While the Geneva Museum of Ethnography (MEG) celebrates the 10th anniversary of its new building and will propose, for the occasion, an overhaul of its permanent route from November 2024, most of Geneva’s museum institutions have carried out or will undertake work to transform their equipment. THE Carouge Museum has been in its new walls since 2021. The Municipal Contemporary Art Fund of the City of Geneva (FMAC) has benefited from an exhibition space at the Junction since spring 2022. Completely renovated, the International Museum of the Reformation (MIR) offers new temporary exhibition rooms and a new scenography for the permanent exhibition since April 2023.

    THE International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (MICR) has completed the overhaul of its reception areas, opening the prospect of a brand new café, boutique, interactive space and conference room available during the first half of 2024. The Ariana Museum is also currently upgrading its interior fittings.

    The construction site for the renovation and extension of the Natural History Museum (MHN) began in January 2023 in order to highlight the richness of its collections and the work of scientists, but also to bring the place into compliance.

    There Martin Bodmer Foundation will offer from 2025 new reception areas for all audiences, modernized exhibition rooms, with particular attention paid to environmental performance and accessibility of buildings. There Baur Foundation, Museum of Far Eastern Artswhich is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, carried out various works in its temporary exhibition rooms in 2023 and adjustments to the museum’s climatic environment are planned for 2025.

    The complete renovation of the Contemporary art building (BAC) which houses the MAMCO is scheduled for 2025. At the Geneva Library (BGE), the winner of the architectural competition for the restoration and extension of the Bastions site is known. The voted study credit, the architecture competition of the Museum of Art and History (MAH) can be launched with a view to its expansion and restoration.

    Museum season 2024

    Listening to their audiences and always inspired by the issues of their time, the Geneva Museums offer a 2024 program of great diversity, with major exhibitions and mediation actions throughout the yearpunctuated by strong events.

    The appointment has already been made for Museum Night next May 25. Echoing the general statements of the Geneva Museums held in 2013, the Geneva Museums Conference is organizing, for the first time on June 18, a conference on the theme “Museums and Power(s)” for professionals in the field.

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