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    The “Grateful Geneva” Medal awarded to Ms. Anne-Cécile Reimann | City of Geneva

    Born in 1942, Anne-Cécile Reimann began her activist commitment in 1977, when she found herself, thinking of going to an open-air concert, at the heart of an environmental demonstration bringing together nearly 60,000 people against the construction of the reactor Superphénix nuclear power station on the site of the future French Creys-Malville power station. Faced with violent exchanges with the police which will cause
    a death and several injuries, she discovered the seriousness of the issues surrounding the use of nuclear energy.

    She then begins to go to demonstrations, evolving and strengthening her commitment. In 1985, she participated in the creation of the Geneva anti-nuclear association ContrAtom. From then on, she will take to the streets to defend the many causes that are close to her heart. Women’s rights, social justice, soft mobility, dismantling of public services, climate; Anne-Cécile Reimann believes that every human being has the duty, during their existence, to act and fight to shape history.

    For decades, Anne-Cécile Reimann’s commitment has been particularly identifiable thanks to her now famous colorful signs, decorated with large characters in black felt pen transmitting messages that are often funny, sometimes philosophical, but always impactful. Without seeking the light for herself and without ever affiliating with a political party, the one who remained throughout her professional career a passionate teacher at the Avully primary school participated in giving visibility to numerous causes and has become an emblematic face of protest processions.

    “Through the medal awarded to Ms. Reimann, the Administrative Council wishes to pay tribute to this convinced activist but also, more broadly, to citizen engagement, an essential tool for maintaining a living democracy,” underlines the Mayor of Geneva, Alfonso Gomez. His activism reminds us of the importance of popular demonstrations as an instrument of resistance and challenge to public authorities. We thus pay tribute to those who, without usually being in the spotlight, contribute to social cohesion through their values ​​of courage, altruism and solidarity.”

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