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    Winner for the construction of the new Jonction nautical base | City of Geneva

    Selected from 73 projectshe was able to convince thanks to a sober and pragmatic proposal, based on the reuse of existing structures.

    A new nautical base

    The future Junction Park will be pedestrianized to provide a place for swimming, sporting activities and relaxation to the population. This is why the nautical activities currently present on the site (canoeing, rafting and paddle) will be moved to the entrance to the park in a new nautical base which was the subject of this competition.

    Winning project: FOUND OBJECTS

    Based on reuse

    The winning project invests and reconverts the existing building, rather than replacing it. A metal structure, from the reuse of old TPG cutlery already present on the site, is added to the building as a roof and pergola. This structure gives the building an industrial character and directly recalls the motifs of the Bois-de-la-Bâtie footbridge and the Saint-Jean bridge.

    This revaluation of the existing makes it possible not only to concretely apply principles of sustainability, but also to preserve the heritage and atmosphere of an exceptional natural place.

    Think about the entrance to the park

    The implementation of the project draws a link between the future park and the city. Its alignment parallel to the facade of the former Kugler factory accentuates the axis leading to the park and thus creates a real invitation to enter. Seen from the Bois-de-la-Bâtie footbridge, the structure slightly exceeds the building and thus announces the future park.

    Flexibility of use

    The external infrastructure allows great flexibility in its future use. Boat storage, provided in the covered part, offers direct access to the water as well as proximity to the drop-off point. The upstream part, a green pergola, remains free and serves as an entrance space.

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