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    200 years of the Botanical Conservatory, it’s a collector’s item! | City of Geneva

    Consult the Collector program

    On the program for this year of celebration: retracing the past with the history of the Conservatory, questioning the present thanks to the collections and plan together for the future through a series of events, visits, conferences, meetings and extramural exhibitions.

    5 exhibitions, 5 ways to explore

    Botanical engraving comes out at the Garden

    The Library of the Botanical Conservatory and the Martin Bodmer Foundation join forces to present on large porticos in the Garden a selection of 30 masterpieces botanical illustration from the 15th to the 19th century from their prestigious collections. This immersion presents rare and finely illustrated editions and constitutes a tribute to the talent of their artists.
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    Our famous scientists

    Meet in the Garden, sixteen scientific personalities who have shaped the Geneva Conservatory and Botanical Gardens through their contribution to collections, research and influence, whether national or international.
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    You know what?

    Describe and name species, one of the missions of the Botanical Conservatory, requires rules whose code was established in Geneva more than 150 years ago by Alphonse de Candolle. Go hunting for anecdotes hidden in the Garden and embark on an educational journey into the fascinating world of scientific naming.
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    Conserve, protect and cooperate

    The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens work to conserve plant heritage, by inventorying and developing measures to protect threatened species. By exploring the Garden, discover a selection of these species and a new interactive game on the tactile wall: species in the canton are in danger of extinction! Will you be able to find suitable sites to reintroduce them?
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    Console collections

    Over the months, understand the great diversity of the cryptogamic world and how these specimens are preserved in the oldest building on the current site of the Geneva Conservatory and Botanical Garden.
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    Consult the Collector brochure

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