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    Ariana Museum: a story of donations | City of Geneva

    Why do we choose to make a donation to a museum? The exhibition “Making a donation, a matter of the heart or of the mind”with free access to the museum gallery, aims to answer them by twelve propositions which highlight some stories and accounts of donations from which the majority of the collections come.

    Philanthropy told

    Three-quarters of the museum’s works come from donations, legacies or acquisition assistance. Who are these philanthropists one day or forever? Patron, friends, artist, gallery owner, collector, art lover, heir, ordinary person or citizen, everyone has their reasons.

    Supporting a museum involves several forms and motivations. For example by enriching the collections with one or more works or by financially supporting its activities. And why do we choose to make a donation? To register its action in favor of the heritage of the community which will be transmitted as an inheritance to future generations, because of its attachment to the institution, or in memory of a loved one to whom the object belonged.

    Exhibition-related visits

    A guided tour cycle stands Sundays April 28 (in the presence of the exhibition curator), June 30, 2024 and March 2, 2025 at 11 o’clock.

    Of the visits and meetings with a donor take place on Sundays June 2, October 6, 2024 and February 2, 2025 at 3 p.m. (in the presence of the exhibition curator.

    These visits are free and without prior registration.

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