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    Geneva innovates by replacing sheep with rabbits for eco-grazing | City of Geneva

    In surprising initiative but full of common sense, the City of Geneva has decided to replace traditional sheep with rabbits for eco-grazing of its green spaces.

    From now on, they are charming little leporids which will have as mission to graze the city’s meadows. To get this new project underway, our animal keepers tested the shearing performance and palatability of different breeds of rabbits for the Geneva meadows. It turns out that the brand new DiFELis breed is particularly adapted to our conditions and shows quite an appetite.

    Supervised by a keeper from the Bois de la Bâtie animal park, two hundred rabbits will regularly receive carrots, in addition to fresh grass.

    Beneficial effects on mental health and well-being

    Their shelter trailer, moved to the different plots to be maintained with the help of Sardinian donkeys of the animal park, will offer them cozy comfort during their well-deserved moments of rest. Observing rabbits has been shown to have beneficial effects on mental health and well-being. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you go and meet our charming rodents to try the experience. We would like to point out that their presence will not disturb either by its noise or its smell.

    Finally, this new practice towards integrated maintenance of rabbits could hold some fun surprises, and it is for this very reason that we are offering a little respite this year to our sheep.

    Happy Easter day!

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