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    Holyshit Project: artistic creation to overcome trauma | City of Geneva

    This project, developed by the Franco-Swiss actress, author and director Sarah Marcuseaddresses violence against children, in particular the question of incest and the possibility of overcoming this trauma through power of creativity.

    There resilience is at the heart of the program Holy shit Project. This is aimed at both young people and adults and is available at several times.

    It includes in particular a play, Holyshit!, which allows you to feel a traumatic journey. THE representations will take place every week, from Thursday to Sunday, Theater Les Montreurs d’Images. Five shows are intended specifically for students of secondary II.

    Writing as a tool for resilience

    A cycle of films is also planned, with a session every Sunday at Cinelux Cinema. On the menu: reflections on justice and reparation, as well as testimonies.

    The Geneva Museum of Ethnography will host the opening night April 23 in the presence of the artist Sarah Marcuseof the Vice-President of the Administrative Council, Christina Kitsosand of Sami Kanaan, President of the Federal Commission for Children and Youth.

    A Grand Workshop promoting writing as resilience tool and intended for all, victims, parents, teachers, students, caregivers and professionals concerned is also planned.

    “Performance painting”

    Sculpture, dance, theater: so many other tools to discover during the Resilience artistic workshops, which will be hosted every weekend at the Théâtre des Montreurs d’Images by specialists in the different arts. These workshops will also give pride of place to writing. They will be open to specific audiences: children, adolescents, women and adults. Three conferences also appear on the program, as well as a “performance painting” by the artist Hyacinthe Reisch.

    Get out of the role of victim, transcend sufferingprevent incest, transform the impact of all traumas: art has a social and therapeutic vocationand Holyshit Project allows us to demonstrate it.

    All program details on

    As part of the Holyshit Project, support from numerous institutional, associative and private partners is listed to support those affected.

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