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    ILO to launch new website with improved access to ILO information for all

    GENEVA (ILO News) – The International Labour Organization (ILO) is to launch its new public website on 24 April 2024.

    The new website allows simpler and clearer access to ILO information for all. This ambition is reflected in the design, content, and technology of the new platform, which targets the latest standards in terms of accessibility, user experience and mobile responsiveness.

    This project will transform the ILO’s primary digital communication channel through a unified visual identity, updated navigation and new information architecture.

    To facilitate access to ILO activities and knowledge the website will include improved search capabilities and filtering of content by topic and geography. The website also aims to make ILO content more discoverable to the public by increasing its visibility in online search results.

    Led by the ILO’s Department of Communication (DCOMM) and the ILO’s Department of Information and Technology Management (INFOTEC), the project has involved a wide range of stakeholders from across the ILO.

    “Much more than a digital facelift, the new website represents a commitment to a more connected, inclusive, and user-friendly platform,” said Martin Murphy, Director of DCOMM.

    “This project is a key element of our collective effort to enhance ILO communication for strengthened outreach and advocacy to advance social justice,” he added.

    “This comprehensive transformation is a strategic leap towards greater efficiency and innovation. The new website leverages modern solutions, ensuring a seamless online experience for our global audience and empowering our staff with the digital tools they need to advance ILO’s mission in a fast-changing world of work,” said Petra Marshall, Director of INFOTEC.

    Since its launch in 1996, the ILO public website has been the central channel for all types of information and communication at the ILO. More than one million people from dozens of countries visit the ILO website every month to learn about the ILO and the world of work.

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