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    In Pré-l’Evêque, a pedestrian square replaces a parking lot | City of Geneva

    In recent years, the City of Geneva has taken strong commitments to accelerate tree planting and revegetationin order to combat heat islands, improve the quality of life in neighborhoods and promote biodiversity.

    In this context, the Green Spaces Department (SEVE) has developed several priority projects, in different sectors of the city, in order to transform bitumen areas into green spaces.

    A dense and mineral sector

    The southern part of Place Pré-l’Evêque is one of these priority projects. SEVE thus carried out its redevelopment by transforming a 13-space car park into pedestrian square including 8 new trees (American honeylocusts) and more 200 shrubsnear a major traffic route, avenue Pictet-de-Rochemont.

    The trees already present are now protected, new benches were installed and nearly 1,400 m² of tar were removed and replaced with a permeable material allowing better infiltration of rainwater. This friendly site will constitute an island of freshness, biodiversity and encounters in the heart of a very mineral sector.

    “Other bitumen removal and plantation projects have been carried out in the district, such as the micro-forest at rue de Villereuse 8, or are currently being developed, notably in the Eaux-Vives park,” specifies Mayor Alfonso Gomez, in charge of the environment. “In a city as dense as ours, in which even the smallest space is coveted, it is a question of being agile and creative to find ways to make room for nature, and allow the population to benefit from it. .”

    Inauguration Saturday April 27, 2024

    A festive inauguration, open to the populationwill take place on Saturday April 27 at 11 o’clock in the presence of the Mayor. SEVE will offer short visits to present the project.

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