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    Memorial requests in public spaces | City of Geneva

    This approach follows a popular mobilization as well as various requests and approaches in recent years, carried out by associations committed against anti-Black racism and relayed by the Municipal Council of the City of Geneva (notably petition 460 and motion 1446).

    This project is part of the broader framework of the Administrative Council’s desire to assume a work of memory and transparency around all facets of our common history. The work of art will be the subject of a artistic competition coordinated by the Cultural Service and the Agenda 21 Service, the details of which will be specified soon, in consultation with the circles concerned.

    Furthermore, the Administrative Council examined various requests in connection with personalities victims of persecution because of their commitment to human rights, or even died because of this commitment. We can cite in particular two emblematic cases for which the City received requests to build a monument, Ladies Cao Shunli and Mahsa Aminiboth direct victims of the repression rampant in their respective countries, China and Iran.

    The City of Geneva recalls that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which 2023 marked the 75th anniversary, is of a universal character, and that any violation of fundamental rights must be combatted, in any country whatsoever. She regrets that the two regimes concerned can continue their repressive and liberticidal actions against their citizens with complete impunity.

    Since it is not possible to establish a specific moment for each person victim of repression due to their commitment to human rights, and given the importance to honor with appropriate material the memory of human rights activists and the universal causes that they embody, the Administrative Council has decided to initiate a process with a view to building a common monument. This will be able to commemorate the existence and action of these people whose commitment to human rights must be highlighted and saluted, starting with the two people cited above, Ms. Cao Shunli and Ms. Mahsa Amini.

    This decision continues the City’s broader commitment in this area, for example through its support for Martin Ennals Prize for human rights defenders or in favor of press cartoonists who are the subject of persecution, with the Freedom Cartoonists Foundation.

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