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    Better protection of tenants at municipal property management | City of Geneva

    After the major changes adopted in 2020 in the regulation establishing rental conditions for social housing of the City of Geneva, the municipal parliament validated the latest adaptations to be madefollowing the recommendations of the Municipal Affairs Service (SAFCO) of the State of Geneva. Additional protection has been addednamely “a impossibility of expulsion for tenants meeting the conditions of a hardship case. “This agreement is the result of good collaboration between Mr. Alfonso Gomez and ASLOCA. We welcome this constructive approach in favor of tenants,” declares Alberto Velasco, president of ASLOCA Geneva.

    For Alfonso Gomez, Mayor of Geneva in charge of social housing policy, “the objective is to better protect tenants who find themselves in a vulnerable situationwithout freezing the real estate stock, in order to be able to meet the needs of a population which does not have access to the free market.”

    “While rents are exploding in Geneva and housing is scarce, this new regulation is a step forward in the protection of tenants. The hardship case can apply in the event of serious illness, for example,” rejoices Olivier Gurtner, member of the ASLOCA Committee and the Housing Commission of the Municipal Council.

    Revision of the regulations in 2020

    As a reminder, the revision of the regulations made it possible at the end of 2020 to protect tenants who have reached retirement age, who can no longer be evicted from their accommodation. Moreover, no lease, since then, can be terminated within two years following the death or departure of one of the occupants of the accommodation, united by marriage or in registered partnership to the lease holder. The application of the unified determining income (RDU) to define the right to social housing has made it possible to simplify and make the housing allocation procedure more transparent.

    This reform allows the social housing policy of the City of Geneva, which offers nearly 4,900 social housing units, to move forward. The more precise definition of the hardship case as well as the criteria for refining the conditions will be submitted for consultation to ASLOCA.

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