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    “Books, early childhood and families”: 20 years worth celebrating! | City of Geneva

    Every year, children are invited to rediscover the exciting world of children’s literature. A series of book-based activities are offered to familiarize toddlers very early with the language of storytelling, stories and writing.

    General public activities

    A program is intended for the general public on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, between

    Readings and activities also take place in some parks and in some bookstores.

    Early childhood is a priority area of ​​the social policy of the City of Geneva, this period of life being at the heart of child development and societal developments. In this context, this week is an ideal opportunity to offer activities directly linked to the major concerns of the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity.

    An opportunity to exchange

    Reading allows us to exchange, to find ourselves in new environments, to share special moments with family and with peers. “Books, early childhood and families” offers a thousand opportunities for meetings. Librarians and early childhood educators are on hand to ensure these unique relationships. In this context, reading allows us to escape from daily concerns, to open up to othersof dream and of to grow.

    Multiple partners

    “Books, early childhood and families” is organized by the Early Childhood Service, in collaboration with municipal libraries, the House of Creativityand three Geneva bookstores, the Boulevard Bookstore, At the Blue Dog And La Librerit.

    This year, children will have the opportunity to go to the Museum of Art and History, where story readers offer a tour around the book “And what are you made of?”.

    20 years is worth celebrating!

    “Books, early childhood and families” Week celebrates its 20 years. On this occasion, a series of unique events are planned. Shows, an exhibition presenting the 20 posters created in recent years, as well as creative activities for children… we won’t tell you everything!

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