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    Embassy of Canada and ICRC Conclude Insightful Alumni Discussion on Humanitarian Efforts to Mark World Red Cross Day

    The event, marking World Red Cross Day and the 75th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions, featured Mamadou Sow, the ICRC’s Regional Head of Delegation for the GCC, who shared personal insights and experiences from the frontlines working in the humanitarian sector. Moderated by Canadian Ambassador H.E. Aliya Mawani, the dialogue spanned a range of pressing topics, including the operational scope of ICRC’s work, the significant challenges it encounters amidst global crises such as the conflict in Gaza, and its role in upholding international humanitarian law. Mr. Sow, a McGill University alumnus, exemplified the robust educational and value-driven connection between Canada and the global humanitarian landscape.

    A key focus of Mr. Sow’s address was the ICRC’s role as a neutral intermediary in facilitating recent prisoner exchanges between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, highlighting the complex operations and negotiations such endeavors entail. He emphasized the active essence of neutrality, stating, “Neutrality is not about standing by passively; it’s about active engagement without taking sides, which allows us to deliver aid to those most in need amidst conflict.”

    The discussion also ventured into the evolving role of technology in modern warfare and the imperative for stronger legal frameworks to regulate new technologies like autonomous weapons systems, ensuring they meet humanitarian standards and principles.

    The event recognized Kuwait’s significant role and its cooperation with international organizations like the ICRC. The enduring partnership between the ICRC, the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Kuwait Red Crescent Society has been instrumental, especially in global humanitarian operations and dialogues.

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    Ambassador Mawani, moderating the session, emphasized the strategic importance of these discussions: “It is our collective responsibility to strongly support humanitarian action. Events like this are crucial in developing a shared understanding of what that means and in strengthening the bonds between Canada, Kuwait, and international humanitarian entities that prioritize meeting the needs of vulnerable, conflict-affected populations I believe that full and frank dialogue is crucial as we reflect on our collective efforts and renew our commitment to addressing global humanitarian challenges together.”

    Reflecting on the evening, Mr. Sow shared a powerful message: “Tonight, we pulled back curtain on the realities of humanitarian action, revealing the intense challenges and profound resilience encountered each day. Our mission transcends borders and politics—it’s about preserving the flame of humanity in the darkest of times. The support from nations like Canada and Kuwait is not just appreciated; it’s vital in keeping this flame alive.”

    The event concluded with an engaging Q&A session where Canadian alumni, members of the diplomatic corps, and representatives from civil society, private sector, and academia discussed their deep interest in and support for humanitarian efforts. This vibrant exchange not only highlighted the critical issues faced by those in conflict zones but also celebrated the strong partnership between Canada, Kuwait, and the ICRC, reinforcing their united commitment to alleviating human suffering and upholding dignity under the most challenging circumstances.

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