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    Free cybersecurity assistance for local associations | City of Geneva

    Thanks to this initiative undertaken with the Geneva foundation CyberPeace Institute and its program CyberPeace Buildersparticipating associations benefit from a professional expertise on cybersecurity issues.

    Coming from both local companies and large international groups, these experts advise and support associations in strengthening their cybersecurity infrastructure and practices.

    Initially intended for associations working for digital inclusion, this action may be open to other non-profit associations and institutions benefiting from the support of the City, through programs such asAgenda 21 or through collaborations with entities such as the Geneva Cooperation Federation.

    A safer digital world for everyone

    “This digital solidarity approach is essential to strengthen the autonomy and resilience of our local associations in the face of growing cybersecurity threats”, underlines Sami Kanaan, Administrative Advisor of the City of Geneva, in charge of the Department of Culture and Digital Transition. “We are proud of facilitate this collaboration between the public sector, the associative world and existing private expertise in Geneva in terms of cybersecurity to create a safer digital environment for all.”

    Stéphane Duguin, executive director of the CyberPeace Institute, emphasizes the special relationship between the institute and Geneva: “Working hand in hand with the City of Geneva illustrates our common determination to build a secure digital future for allespecially for those who strive to make a positive contribution to our society.”

    The CyberPeace Builders initiative creates a bridge between the cybersecurity skills of the private sector and the urgent needs of non-governmental organizations, offering a new collaborative dimension in Geneva’s digital ecosystem.

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