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    How Often Do You Need Online BLS Renewal?

    Basic life support (BLS) usually refers to the first aid given in any medical emergency by a healthcare provider or public safety professional. It also includes performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillators (AED) on anyone suffering from cardiac arrest, breathing difficulty, or choking. 

    This article discusses the online BLS renewal process, including how often you should renew your BLS certificate and helpful tips to prepare for the BLS renewal.

    Medical monitoring machine in a hospital – illustrative photo. Image credit: Stephen Andrews via Unsplash, free license

    Online BLS renewal 

    BLS renewal refers to renewing your BLS certification after expiration. You must renew it through a BLS renewal class or training program with the latest guidelines. The online BLS renewal course is rapid for experienced healthcare providers who apply their skills daily. The course assumes you possess comprehensive awareness, knowledge, and skill in BLS concepts. The BLS renewal class provides you with the latest approaches for various life saving techniques, including CPR, using an AED, and other BLS skills.

    Why is BLS renewal essential?

    BLS is a fundamental aid that helps to save a life. Hence, healthcare professionals need to be up-to-date with medical procedures. The certification signifies that the person is trained and highly eligible to provide basic life support to cardiac arrest patients.

    Additionally, many employers expect BLS certification as a mandate for employment.

    Who needs it?

    A person trained in BLS is expected to know how to apply the skills in various situations for people of different ages, including infants, young children, and adults. 

    • The BLS renewal course is for those with a valid BLS certificate. Any healthcare or medical-related professionals who are confident in their BLS skills, use their skills regularly, and require limited practice can opt for this course. 
    • Though the course benefits healthcare professionals the most, individuals in other non-medical professions can also take it if they are interested. 
    • Anyone with a BLS certificate that has expired by no more than 30 days is also eligible for this brief course.

    How often do you need BLS renewal?

    BLS recertification is mandatory for any healthcare provider every two years. Renewal ensures that healthcare providers keep up to date with the latest BLS guidelines and techniques and demonstrate competence in performing BLS procedures. 

    Online BLS renewal course curriculum

    BLS recertification helps improve the outcome for people suffering from life-threatening emergencies. It ensures you retain critical lifesaving skills and knowledge. The online renewal course covers all the essential topics:

    1. Introduction to CPR and AED:  Here, you understand the role of CPR and AED in an emergency.
    2. Basic life support (BLS) techniques: You learn first aid protocols for varying medical emergencies.
    3. Different types of CPR: You learn about high-quality CPR for different physiological differences in adults, infants, and children.
    4. AED operation: This unit familiarizes you with the AED device.
    5. Choking response: You learn how to assist a choking victim.
    6. Emergency response protocols: You can identify signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest and other emergencies.
    7. Legal and ethical considerations: You understand legal immunities and protections for rescuers.

    Advantages of renewing your BLS certificate online

    Reviewing your knowledge even after initial certification is essential in maintaining your proficiency. You may need to determine when you will be in a situation to test your ability. Online BLS renewal offers you several advantages:

    • Affordability:  Online courses are cost-effective and don’t cause any financial strain.
    • Convenience and flexibility: Learn at your own pace in your home.
    • Comprehensive curriculum: You complete an advanced curriculum for a better understanding.
    • Instant certification: Upon completion, you can earn the recertification and download the certificate immediately.
    • Lifesaving skill: Gain confidence and the skills to respond to medical emergencies.
    • Community impact: Contribute to building a safe and healthy community.
    • Accessible learning material: You can access course materials from anywhere, anytime. 

    BLS renewal process

    Online BLS recertification courses are tailored for busy personnel like nurses, doctors, MDs, healthcare providers, etc., so they can learn at any time and complete it at their own pace. The requirements for online BLS renewal vary according to the organization providing the certification. However, basic requirements include:

    • Signing up for the renewal course.
    • Accessing all the learning components.
    • Passing the recertification test.

    An online BLS renewal course can make someone more equipped to handle an emergency.

    Documents required for renewal

    The registration process for online BLS renewal is easy. You just have to keep the required documents ready. 

    • Proof of your current certification.
    • ID proof with name, date of birth, and age. You can use any documents issued by government offices.
    • Address proof of your residential address with your contact number and email address.

    Tips for BLS certification renewal

    Victims of life-threatening injuries need immediate, emergency care. Through proper basic life support (BLS) training, you can provide those in need with first aid care. Here are a few tips to make your process of online BLS renewal hassle-free. 

    • Make sure to renew your BLS card 30 days before expiry to avoid taking the standard course. It will save you time and money.
    • Set reminders for prompt renewal.
    • Provide all the personal information correctly.
    • Provide all the necessary documents to avoid any delay in recertification.  


    The purpose of BLS renewal is to help those who already possess a valid BLS certification. Renew it before it expires, usually every two years. The primary goal of an online BLS renewal course is to ensure that participants maintain current knowledge and abilities in basic life support by providing them with up-to-date guidelines and procedures. 

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