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    How to act against the tiger mosquito? | City of Geneva

    The tiger mosquito is an invasive exotic species that is gradually colonizing Europe by taking advantage of climate change.

    It carefully avoids natural spaces and establishes itself above all in populated areas where it can cause significant discomfort at the end of summer.

    The tiger mosquito in Geneva

    It has continued to spread in the Canton of Geneva since it was first identified in autumn 2019.

    It is important to maintain tiger mosquito populations as low as possible For:

    • Protect the public health and prevent the emergence of exotic diseases
    • Reduce the nuisance for the population.

    Act against the tiger mosquito

    Actions of the Canton of Geneva

    To do this, the Canton of Geneva seeks to limit as much as possible the availability of small accumulations of water for the tiger mosquito which depends on it for its reproduction

    Genevoises and Genevans: you can act!

    The fight against the expansion of the tiger mosquito can only bear fruit with the competition of the population because it involves real changes in habits on a neighborhood scale.

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