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    In May, four neighborhoods celebrate for the city hall banquets of the year by Alfonso Gomez | City of Geneva

    Wishing highlight themes linked to the climate and in particular food in a festive atmospherethe mayor revives a fashionable tradition a little over a century ago in Geneva.

    Indeed, from the second half of the 19th century, many banquets were organized outdoors, at neighborhood level, on the occasion of commemorations of historical events or people who played a key role in our history.

    With the increase in road traffic and parking lots, the transformation of certain neighborhoods, the emergence of a more individualistic society and a certain loss of social ties, these banquets have gradually disappeared. “Reviving this tradition allows residents of a neighborhood to reclaim their public space for a day,” says Alfonso Gomez, Mayor of Geneva. These events also aim to relocate the receptions that the City organizes to the street. generally organizes at the Palais Anna and Jean-Gabriel Eynard, inviting the population of the neighborhood.”

    Promote local products

    L’Food plays a central role in our lives. It affects both our health and that of our planet. In Switzerland, it is responsible for nearly a third of greenhouse gas emissions, mainly due to production methods, but also processing, transport, distribution and preparation methods.

    Of the relatively simple measures exist to reduce this impact. On the one hand, by reducing food waste, which leads to throwing away up to 100kg of food per person each year. On the other hand, by acting on the contents of our plates, by reducing our consumption of meat products and in choosing local and seasonal products. This way of eating is better for health, helps reduce household expenses and improves the remuneration of farmers, who today make a poor living from their activities.

    “It is to highlight these avenues of action, good for the body, the earth, the local economy and economically affordable, that I wanted to organize, throughout my year as Town Hall, several urban banquets in the neighborhoods. The idea is to promote the products of our region, rich and generous, and to show, very concretely, that we can have a good time around a table, differently”, explains Alfonso Gomez.

    Fun activities to support change

    Like the urban banquets organized in 2023 at Petit-Saconnex, at Jonction and at Europe, various activities are planned to liven up these events: sustainable food awareness stands with Swiss Food Academy And BioVision, participatory gardening workshops (The Enchanted Cardon, Carrot seed) or lactofermentation with The cry of the carrot, discoveries around sustainable fashion (La Renfile) and reuse (The crank) and musical entertainment.

    The four urban banquets for the month of May 2024

    • Saturday May 4 at Acacias from 2 p.m.
    • Wednesday May 15 in Champel from 11:30 a.m.
    • Saturday May 25 at Pâquis from 11:30 a.m.
    • Friday May 31 at Eaux-Vives from 5:30 p.m.

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