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    The City of Geneva is strengthening its action plan to anticipate a heatwave crisis | City of Geneva

    Over the years, the City of Geneva has developed its heatwave plan to protect the most vulnerable people, as well as its staff. Many actions are implemented each year.

    To adapt to the reality of global warming and anticipate a heatwave crisis, the Administrative Council adopted a reinforced action plan which includes 52 concrete measuresto be implemented in the short and medium term.

    This action plan allows in particular to accelerate measures or procedures already initiated. More than twenty of these measures will be implemented by summer 2024. The “heatwave crisis” corresponds to a level higher than the “heatwave alert”, i.e. a “heatwave alert” level of at least least 10 consecutive days.

    Strengthening the protection of vulnerable people

    The Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity announced at the end of March 2024 the strengthening of its heatwave plan aimed at protecting seniors from extreme heat, in particular by extending its system to those aged 65 and over.

    A specific and priority approach has also been undertaken in order to strengthen the protection of toddlers and daycare users. From this summer, work, including the improvement of exterior solar protection, night ventilation devices or insulation will be carried out in around fifteen nurseries. Staff will be particularly aware of good behavior and water games will be encouraged. If necessary, air conditioning systems will be deployed to deal with possible critical situations.

    Improve the comfort of occupation of public spaces and buildings

    Buildings, like public spaces, have not been designed for air temperatures near or above 40°C. Improving their occupancy comfort is more a matter of medium and long term approaches. The Department of Planning, Construction and Mobility develops accelerated heat island treatment strategies and the most critical buildings.

    In particular, this will involve guarantee access to drinking water throughout public spaces, to diversify and strengthen access to water points for children (paddling pools, water games, etc.), to develop spray solutions, and to increase swimming areas . In the short term, some seasonal shading and misting devices will already be installed in public spaces.

    Adapt activity schedules and improve staff protection

    The possibility of adapting the opening hours of museums, libraries or sports facilities, for example by opening earlier to avoid the hottest hours, is being considered. A set of measures to ease the the organization of work as well as dress codes will also be put in place.

    All the departments of the City of Geneva are involved in implementing this action plan quickly and efficiently. This dynamic is also implemented in close coordination with the Cantonal Doctor’s Service, whose recommendations on good practices to adopt and solidarity with the most vulnerable people will be widely disseminated during periods of extreme heat.

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