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    The system against harassment is expanding and offenses against two wheels are increasing | City of Geneva

    Fight against street harassment

    There fight against street harassment was intensified in 2023. This is one of the lessons from the 2023 activity report of the municipal police.

    Under the leadership of the Geneva Municipal Police Service (SPM), the system for reporting cases of street harassment via the application Geneva in your pocket has been extended to the municipalities of Lancy, Meyrin, Vernier and Carouge. “The expansion of our system to combat street harassment to other Geneva municipalities demonstrates our desire to respond in a concerted manner to this problem which impacts the security and well-being of our fellow citizens,” declares Christine Camp, commander of the municipal police of the City of Geneva.

    In 2023, 228 cases of reports were recorded in the City of Geneva and more than a quarter of the victims expressed the desire to be contacted by a municipal police officer, having received special training in the matter, in order to benefit from personalized follow-up .

    Safety in pedestrian and cycling areas

    Ensuring safety on the City’s sidewalks, pedestrian zones, squares and cycle paths remains a constant concern of the municipal police. There is no shortage of work: with 2,266 drivers of motorized two-wheelers verbalized (+29%) and 2,228 cyclists sanctioned (+64%), it is clear that problematic behavior has significantly increased between 2023 and 2024.

    Among the most frequent infractions, we can cite the fact of ride on the sidewalk for bicycles and on the cycle lanes for motorized two-wheelersor even the “wild” parking lots which obstruct the movement of pedestrians. Furthermore, scooter owners are regularly sanctioned: 283 offenses noted in 2023.

    Pâquis / Cornavin sector

    In parallel and in addition to the priority areas defined by the Local Security Contract concluded between the City and the Canton of Geneva, a special emphasis was put on the Pâquis / Cornavin sector to respond to the increase in reports and incidents related to drug use in this area.

    PMS is therefore intensified its patrols and his prevention actions with 1,363 hours spent on patrol and 371 officers hired in 2023. “Through this visible presence, the municipal police play a dissuasive role which is complementary to the work of the cantonal police”, observes Marie Barbey-Chpuis, administrative advisor in charge of the Department of Security and Sports. “The fight against drug trafficking challenges the authorities, City and Canton must therefore work together to be effective.”

    Active presence in neighborhoods

    For the rest, the municipal police also maintained a active presence in the neighborhoods, mainly on foot. In 2023, 89,222 hours were spent on foot patrols in the city’s neighborhoods.

    The municipal police were also involved in matters of urban cleanliness with 738 cases of littering verbalized.

    Note one more sharp increase in criminal proceedings (+107%), due largely to fines imposed for begging (920 in 2023).

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