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    Challenge: How can we ensure the continued use of floating wind substructures?

    Sustainability and reuse are important parts of our renewable energy strategy, with great potential for innovation and improvement. The industry lacks extensive experience decommissioning and recycling large-scale floating offshore wind farms.

    While there has been progress in the reuse and recycling of wind turbine blades, there is still a gap in addressing the reuse and recycling of floating offshore wind substructures.

    Gunfleet Sands offshore wind farm 172MW wind farm 7 km off the Clacton-on-Sea and Holland Essex coast in the Northern Thames Estuary. Image credit: Ashley Dace via, CC BY-SA 2.0


    The Seeker needs innovative solutions to manage the end-of-life phase of floating offshore wind substructures – steel and concrete. Early focus on reuse, afterlife, circularity, and recycling is important to adjust and optimize design. A scheduled Q&A session will present one example case for all challenge applicants.

    The Seeker invites you to contribute your expertise and innovative ideas to help us address this challenge and advance the sustainability of the offshore wind industry.

    About the Seeker

    Equinor has a long history in the energy sector, with 50 years of experience in oil and gas and over 20 years in offshore wind. This unique combination of expertise makes Equinor a leader in developing and operating offshore wind projects. Our floating wind projects include the Hywind demo, Hywind Scotland, and the latest, Hywind Tampen. Hywind Tampen, the world’s largest floating wind farm, supplies power to oil and gas installations, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 200,000 tons annually.

    Equinor aims to be the leading industrial offshore wind player in Norway, and we expect floating wind to play a central role in the sector’s development. Floating wind is ready for industrialisation, and we see huge potential in Norway.

    Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 14:00 EDT, 26 Aug 2024.

    Source: Wazoku

    We acknowledge The European Times for the information.



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