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    From park to park with municipal libraries | City of Geneva

    The librarians, cultural mediators, allow you to benefit from their rich collections through outdoor activities designed in connection with the history of the parks and their neighborhoods.

    Parc Baud Bovy: drawings, words and video games

    The cultural proposals give pride of place to drawing in different forms, to words, pictograms and emojis, to the history of the park and the Plainpalais district through two walks one of which flirts with art in the public space, the other with spiritualism and linguistics. Fans of video games take the controllers to play the most famous video games. Through a guided tour well offbeat and enchanted karaoke, music lovers discover the exhibition “Enchanted Journey. Songs and Geographic Imaginations”.

    You can draw to relax or observe nature, write and embroider words, guess titles and characters from films or cartoons, play video games outdoors, take a walk and discover hidden treasures in the neighborhood, and even exercise, for the pleasure of body and mind.

    Parc Beaulieu: haikus, walks and digital workshops

    For this second stop, haikus (short poems), pictograms and emojis, as well as art in public space will be in the spotlight with in particular a walk which crosses a series of three parks. Digital fans have the choice between create logos Or dancing with robots. Budding music lovers discover sounds and nursery rhymes with musical instruments for toddlersolder children venture into a musical quiz to test their knowledge.

    You will be able to create little poems, guess titles and characters from films or cartoons, stroll and discover the hidden treasures of three parks, try digital workshops, 4D cinema, puppets, and perfect your knowledge of music, whatever your age.

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