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    The Humanitarian Podcast Ep 04

    The fourth episode of “The Humanitarian Podcast”, features Misbah Mushtaq, assistant director of the Youth and Volunteer programme at Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC). She is responsible for guiding, training and leading over 1.8 million registered Red Crescent volunteers in Pakistan, who play a crucial role in disaster response, health promotion, community development and civic activities in the country.


    “I joined PRC in 2013 as a volunteer. That’s when I truly understood the meaning of volunteerism, how we can support people in a humanitarian crisis and how we can care for their vulnerabilities,”

    Mushtaq says, recalling her motivation to become a humanitarian volunteer.

    The Humanitarian Podcast“, an initiative of the ICRC in Pakistan, is a first-of-its-kind podcast in the country that serves as a space to explore the triumphs, opportunities and challenges surrounding humanitarian needs and initiatives in the country through conversations about our work and the people we work with.


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