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    A credit of 2.16 million to build new public baths at the foot of the Jet d’eau | City of Geneva

    This credit application aims to provide a five-year temporary projectwhich allows the population to reclaim the areas already freed up in the sector, pending the overall redevelopment of the sector which will include a permanent relaxation and bathing area.

    Inspired by the “Badi” of Zurich, the new space will offer a supervised and secure bathingalso accessible to people with reduced mobility.

    With a dimension of approximately 30m wide by 36m long, the bathing area could offer one or more pools intended for a sports and family audience. A refreshment bar and a relaxation area will also be set up to liven up the site, with showers, changing rooms, toilets and lockers. The work will be dismantled and stored during the winter period. Its operating costs (surveillance, cleaning) will be borne by the Department of Security and Sports (DSSP).

    The future bathing area, developed in collaboration with the Canton, will enhance the attractiveness of the site while offering the population a complementary bathing area to Eaux-Vives beach and Baby beach.

    Environmental impact

    The choice of materials, the execution of the work and the upgrading of existing materials will be dealt with in the context of current environmental issues.

    The work will consist of low density polyethylene floating cubesa totally inert material, and no constituents polluting the environment will be used in the manufacture of these modular floating cubes. Low density polyethylene is also a material 100% recyclable. To ensure buoyancy, no non-recyclable material will be used. Likewise, no part or component having undergone polluting chemical treatments is involved in the construction of the floating cubes. In view of the exceptional nature of the site, a qualitative solution (imitation wood decking finish) will be used in order to guarantee a good insertion in the landscape.

    This request is also part of motion M-1504: “For more freshness in summer: let’s create floating public baths immersed at the foot of the water jet!” pending the development of a sustainable project.

    Contact and information

    Department of planning, constructions and mobility
    Mrs Frédérique Perler, administrative advisor, through Mr Marc Moulin, personal collaborator: 022 418 20 17 – 076 210 48 16, @E-mail

    Department of Safety and Sports
    Ms Marie Barbey-Chpuiss, administrative adviser, via Mr Cédric Waelti, management adviser in charge of communication, 079 596 19 79, @E-mail

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