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    Brussels, a gourmet city: Culinary specialties not to be missed

    Brussels, a gourmet city: Culinary specialties not to be missed

    Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is a city rich in history, culture and above all in gastronomy. Known for its tasty and varied cuisine, Brussels offers a multitude of culinary specialties not to be missed. Here are some of the best Brussels specialties to taste during your visit.

    First of all, how can we talk about Brussels cuisine without mentioning fries? Belgian fries are famous all over the world, and Brussels is the perfect place to taste them. These fries are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and are often served with Andalusian sauce or homemade mayonnaise sauce. Be sure to sample them at one of the many chip stalls dotted around the city.

    Then, you cannot visit Brussels without trying mussels and fries, another emblematic dish of Belgian cuisine. Brussels mussels are incomparably fresh and are often cooked in a broth made from white wine, onions and celery. They are served with a generous portion of fries, of course. For an authentic experience, head to one of the town’s specialty mussels and fries restaurants.

    Meat lovers will be delighted to discover waterzooi, a traditional Brussels dish made with chicken or fish. Waterzooi is a creamy and hearty stew made with fresh vegetables, potatoes and aromatic herbs. This comforting dish is perfect for warming up on cold winter days in Brussels.

    For lovers of sweets, Brussels is also full of delicious specialties. Don’t miss trying the waffles, a staple of Belgian cuisine. Brussels waffles are light and crispy, and are often served with a topping of icing sugar, melted chocolate or whipped cream. You’ll find plenty of waffle stands on the streets of Brussels, but for an authentic experience, head to one of the city’s famous patisseries.

    Speaking of sweet, Belgian pralines are also a must in Brussels. These delicious chocolates are renowned worldwide for their quality and variety. You will find many artisanal chocolate shops in Brussels, where you can taste and buy homemade pralines. For chocolate lovers, a visit to Brussels is a real taste experience.

    Finally, to accompany all these delicious dishes, do not miss to taste a Belgian beer. Belgium is famous for its beer culture, and Brussels is home to many bars and brasseries where you can sample a wide selection of traditional Belgian beers. Whether you prefer a light blond beer or a more full-bodied dark beer, you will certainly find a beer that suits you in Brussels.

    In conclusion, Brussels is a gourmet city that offers a variety of culinary specialties not to be missed. From crispy fries to tasty mussels and fries, through sweet waffles and melting pralines, Brussels will delight all palates. So, during your next visit to the Belgian capital, take the time to discover all these culinary specialties and let yourself be seduced by the unique flavors of Brussels.

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