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    Draft 2024 budget: clear priorities despite a fluctuating context | City of Geneva

    The draft 2024 budget was drawn up in a context that remains unstable. Following the health crisis, the ongoing war in Ukraine has led to an inflationary surge. Despite the complex situation, favorable fiscal forecasts allow the Administrative Council (CA) to maintain benefits to the population and to pursue the implementation of its political priorities, while respecting the path of return to balance planned for 2028.

    Based on the canton’s estimates, the 2024 draft budget, whose projected deficit is 16 million, presents net charges of 1.344 billion. Staff salary mechanisms are granted. Staff costs increased by 29.5 million, mainly due to the increase in annuities and the indexation of the salary scale (+2.5%) due to inflation (+20 million). The measures to implement the compensation project for particularly arduous functions is estimated at 2.3 million. The nominal subsidies are increased by 1% in order to cope with inflation (+ 1.5 million).

    Revenues on the rise

    Tax revenue represents 75.3% of the net revenue of the City of Geneva. Income related to natural persons increased by 41 million. Those related to legal entities remained stable (+1.1 million). The Board has chosen to budget for a slight level of corrections linked to previous years, corresponding to 20% of the average of the annual differences between budgets and accounts observed since 2001 – 6.4 million francs of income are thus added in this respect. The municipal professional tax (TPC) will, from next year, be replaced by additional additional centimes on the tax on the profit of legal persons. The 2024 draft budget no longer includes tax production under the TPC and, in return, provides for tax production based on the centime values ​​established by the canton. It is valued at 123.2 million (+15.2 million).

    Investments and Climate Strategy

    The Executive maintains the target investment envelope at 180 million francs. The Planning, Buildings and Mobility Department will be strengthened, in particular to speed up energy sanitation. “This acceleration must take place because it is an essential lever for achieving the climate objectives set in the Climate Strategy of the City of Geneva. Dealing with the climate emergency also requires massive greening of the city and strengthening the protection of the tree heritage. We have the advantage in Geneva of being able to count on solid finances. We must take our responsibilities so that this advantage benefits both the environment and social justice, to increase the quality of life of the population”, specifies Alfonso Gomez, Mayor and Administrative Councilor in charge of the Department of Finance, environment and housing. Six posts are planned for the Green Spaces Department and three posts will be opened for the Planning, Civil Engineering and Mobility Department for the development of a “freshness” network, by reducing urban heat islands, promoting soft mobility and improving water management. Support for projects related to corporate social responsibility, reducing the carbon footprint of cultural events, the circular economy, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity and raising awareness of the fight against climate change is further increased of 500,000 francs.

    Children First

    The municipalization of early childhood continues in order to guarantee good working conditions for staff. The costs incurred by the municipalization of the new Marie Goegg-Pouchoulin reception structure (Jonction) amount to 1.5 million in 2024. The Monique Bauer-Lagier crèche, whose full opening is planned for the next school year and which will accommodate 80 children at Servette, will be the second in-house structure, with an impact of approximately 360,000 francs. 27 (out of 59 in total) new crèche places will be available at rue de Frontenex 29. A subsidy of 85,000 francs will be allocated to the creation of a neighborhood center in Petit-Saconnex, requested for a long time by the inhabitants -es and the City Council. Finally, the City saw its contribution to extracurricular activities increase by $2.1 million.

    Support for culture and public events

    Additional resources (348,000 francs) will be given to the Natural History Museum for the organization every two years of the Nuit de la Science, which has met with great success.

    The Théâtre du Loup (+100,000 francs), whose subsidy has remained constant since 2010, the Center de la photographie (+65,000 francs), as well as choreographic creation (+60,000 francs) will be more strongly supported .

    50,000 francs are also earmarked to finalize the action plan to prevent and combat harassment and personality attacks in the field of culture.

    The budget dedicated to the Department of Security and Sports increases by 250,000 francs for the creation of floating public baths, by 200,000 francs for the development of sport in public spaces and the hosting of events, as well as 450,000 francs for the demonstrations. Finally, the internalization of the cleaning of public toilets wanted by the City Council will cost 575,000 francs (+12 posts).

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