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    One month of devastation in Sudan

    “Suffering defies comparison and measurement. Each person’s experience is unique and complex. Consider the plight of those compelled to abandon their homes amidst a rapidly deteriorating situation. Civilians, including the elderly, mothers, children, and individuals with disabilities, find themselves trapped in cities like Khartoum, Al-junaina, Zalingay, and Nyala. Their circumstances are dire, with critical shortages of food and water, and no means to escape.”

    What are the key challenges you, as a humanitarian worker, are currently encountering in providing assistance and relief in Sudan?

    It is deeply disheartening to witness the immense suffering in Khartoum, Darfur, and other parts of Sudan, as well as the border areas with Egypt and Chad. Despite having the necessary resources and means, including supplies and a dedicated team in Port Sudan, it remains incredibly frustrating that we are unable to provide assistance and relief at the scale and speed that the people of Sudan desperately require. Sometimes, this is due to the administrative and bureaucratic hurdles; others, due to the lack of provision of security guarantees for us to assume the calculated risks we are ready to take; sometimes, both at the same time.

    An essential aspect of aid delivery—communication—has been significantly disrupted. With poor internet connection and phone lines disrupted, operations face tremendous challenges. These are my primary sources of frustration today.

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