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    A giant fresco on Place des Nations against the bombing of civilians around the world | City of Geneva

    In 2022, approximately 57 civilians worldwide were killed or injured by explosive weapons every day (+ 83% compared to 2021).

    To make the Swiss population aware of this terrifying observation, Handicap International has invited Saype to participate in an extraordinary artistic operation. The Franco-Swiss artist will create a giant fresco on grass using biodegradable paint in dialogue with “Broken Chair”.

    Alerting public opinion

    The famous monumental wooden sculpture by the Swiss artist, Daniel Berset, was also erected on Place des Nations in 1997 with the same aim of alerting public opinion and the international community with regard to its responsibility and the importance of protecting civilians against all types of arms and destruction connected to war.

    Like all of Saype’s works, this extraordinary installation is produced using biodegradable ink and will be removed from Place des Nations to be recycled.


    • September 4-7: installation of the lawn on Place des Nations
    • September 7-8: creation of the fresco by Saype
    • September 9-11: come and discover the completed fresco!
    • September 12: discover the work in images as seen from above
    • September 13-15: disassembly of the work and recycling

    More information on the Handicap International website – Art against weapons

    We acknowledge Source link for the information.



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