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    A shared vision for the Museum of Art and History | City of Geneva

    For an extended and renovated MAH

    During the plenary session of 5 September 2023, all the political groups represented on the Municipal Council unanimously adopted the study and competition credit intended for the extension and renovation of the Museum of Art and History (MAH).

    Following this vote, the project has entered a new fulfillment phase: “Thanks to the contributions of all the parties and in the wake of the intense, constructive discussions held on the subject of this project, we now have the green light to envisage a common future for the MAH with great optimism” says Sami Kanaan, Executive Councilor responsible for culture, with no little pride. The next step is to organize and launch the international architecture competition, with the results expected to be published in spring 2025.

    The competition will focus on the scope of action for the architectural project and the considerations with regard to urban challenges. Tea extension of the museum will be accompanied by a redevelopment of the surrounding landscape. It will contribute to completing the tree planting program in the neighborhood while promoting biodiversity and thus offering the local inhabitants a high-quality public area connected to the MAH. “The ambition exceeds that of a project focusing entirely on the museum, as the extended and renovated MAH will serve as a powerful lever for realizing the desired urban development within the area of ​​the old town,” says a delighted Frédérique Perler, Executive Councilor responsible for urban development, building and mobility.

    A public service institution

    The restoration and extension of the building while ensuring compliance with current standards should guarantee the long-term survival of this public service institution. It is evidence of the strong desire to protect the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Geneva as a cornerstone of the City’s social cohesion and collective identity. The architectural project should provide for a suitable structure designed to showcase the contents of the museum while addressing the issues of the MAH cultural project.

    boosting a collection of over 650,000 objectsthe renovated and extended MAH will be a place for the inhabitants of Geneva. It will tell the story of the City, celebrate its artists, its culture and its know-how while contributing to its national and international renown.

    The aim is also to update the MAH with regard to the demographic, digital and environmental transitions which will shape the decades to come. This development will be undertaken in a spirit of partnership, calling on the participation and joint funding of the canton and private entities.

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