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    Citizen Promotions: 2023 edition | City of Geneva

    The Promotions Citoyennes are organized by the City of Geneva and the Association of Geneva Municipalities (ACG). Every year, they welcome the young residents of some forty municipalities. Reaching adulthood at the age of 18 is a pivotal stage in the life of a young person. This milestone comes with new responsibilities and important changes.

    This year, the Promotions Citoyennes will be held in the building of the Forces Motrices. The event will begin with an official part attended by Christina KitsosVice-President responsible for social cohesion and solidarity, and a representative of the State Council, followed by a speech by the writer, Edouard Louis. HAS cocktail party will be offered from 9.30 pm and an after party will be organized at the Groove from 10.30 pm.

    Organization of the evening

    The Promotions Citoyennes are organized by the teams of the Youth Service.

    By inviting the young adults to the Promotions Citoyennes, the cantonal and municipal authorities welcome them to a new stage of their lives.

    Speech, stands and concerts

    This year, the young people will have the chance to hear a speech by Edward Louisa talented writer who has had a unique career and who was awarded the Pierre Guénin Prize in acknowledgment of his fight against homophobia and in favor of equal rights.

    The Geneva artist Roxanne will also be in attendance. Aged just 20, she has completed her music studies in London and has already begun her music career. Her first single, “What I mean”, has already been viewed over 10,000 times on YouTube!

    Throughout the evening, youth associations will run stands, bearing witness to an ever-growing civic commitment. It will be possible to ask questions and enjoy an insight into the activities carried out by these movements.


    Participation in the Promotions Citoyennes requires prior registration. The young people will receive a personal invitation at the beginning of September. To obtain more information, simply contact the Youth Service using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

    Becoming an adult is an occasion for celebration and a chance to share a unique moment with friends. Don’t miss the evening of October 13 and its attractive programme!

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