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    Discrimination: prevention and risk reduction | City of Geneva

    Sexist comments, insistent looks or inappropriate invitations are still too common. Taking illicit substances, alcohol and other drugs, greatly encourages these inappropriate behaviors and spread a feeling of insecurity in public space. This phenomenon particularly affects women, but in fact affects all population groups.

    In response to this scourge, prevention campaigns appear to be an effective mechanism for combating inappropriate behavior. Practiced in the City of Geneva for several years, in particular through politics “Going for zero sexism in my city”, raising awareness among the general public and educating the youngest are essential levers, promoting the establishment of beneficial mechanisms. Indeed, prevention with young people is effective, because at this age they are open to deconstruction of prejudices.

    A multidisciplinary team

    Carried by the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity as well as the Agenda 21 Servicethese multidisciplinary awareness-raising actions bring together night correspondents, social workers outside the walls of the Youth Service, as well as Nuit Blanche and We Can Dance iT associations.

    We Can Dance iT is an association that promotes equality in the cultural environment, the world of the night and in the public space. It aims to make spaces more accessible, more pleasant and more secure for each and everyone.

    Sleepless night is a device of the Première ligne association, which carries out an action of risk reduction related to recreational drug use in a party setting. It disseminates information on the consequences of the products consumed.

    Social workers outside the walls of youth service ensure an informal presence in the public space and establish privileged links with young people aged 15 to 25, in particular by supporting them in their projects and initiatives.

    The night correspondents of the Youth Service carry out night tours and roam the streets and parks to meet the inhabitants and users of the public space, offer an attentive ear, offer mediation in the event of conflict and promote dialogue between the different people encountered.

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