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    Elseddik Haftar’s European Tour, A Strategic Initiative Centered on Combatting Terrorism

    Dr. Elseddik Haftar, a staunch advocate in the battle against terrorism, is strategically utilizing communication to broaden his political influence globally. After a brief visit to Paris on September 10, he proceeded to the European Parliament in Strasbourg to deliver a speech and engage with influential figures and European deputies. He later travelled to Brussels on September 12.

    Taking a Stand Against Illegal Immigration and Terrorism:

    Dr Elseddik Haftar is assertive on the pressing matters of combating illegal immigration and terrorism, issues that the European Union holds in high regard. He voiced his views on these topics at the Press Club Brussels Europe during a conference.

    In the wake of the devastating floods in Libya, which resulted in thousands of casualties and missing persons, Dr Elseddik Haftar left the conference in Belgium to return to his homeland.

    The Mediterranean Storm Daniel triggered catastrophic flooding in the Al Jabal Al Akhdar region of eastern Libya. The eastern authorities report thousands of victims and missing people, including a minimum of 2,000 fatalities. The death toll continues to rise with each passing hour. Dr. Elseddik Haftar’s European tour reflects his ambition to strengthen his political standing by emphasizing his dedication to the fight against terrorism. His interactions with Europe’s influential figures underscore the significance of the partnership between Libya and the European Union in addressing these critical challenges.


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