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    Nearly 120,000 people took advantage of the summer refreshments and activities located in the City of Geneva | City of Geneva

    The Canopy

    Ephemeral space dedicated to relaxation, well-being and sport, the Canopy (quai Gustave Ador) closed its doors a few days ago. In three months of activities, including the refreshment bar, the site was visited by nearly 42,000 people.

    Next to 294 free sports classes were given by certified coaches in 15 different disciplines. In a shaded and green environment, the Pilates and yoga classes were particularly popular. Note that 85% of the courses were taken by women.

    “The success of this format, which promotes supervised but unconstrained sporting practice, is confirmed every year” observes Marie Barbey-Chpuis, administrative advisor in charge of the Sports and Security Department. “La Canopée with its sports offering and its green refreshment bar is a good synthesis between well-being sport, entertainment and the establishment of a harmonious structure which allows the development of the Harbor”.


    In addition to the Canopée, the City rebuilt this summer, under the old Jonction halls, Asphalt dedicated to urban sports and organized with the financial support of Bank J. Safra Sarasin. This space has attracted many young adults to the 3×3 basketball courts, padel, pickleball, beach volleyball, 5×5 football and other pump tracks. Every Tuesday, priority was given to women’s football between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., which was appreciated by many female footballers. Between June 1 and September 10, 16,000 people were able to take advantage of the activities and facilities offered.

    The Cormorant

    The new summer refreshments set up by the City at the water’s edge and entrusted to private parties have also worked well. Located on the Quai du Mont-Blanc, set in a maritime atmosphere with a large terrace and offering various shows (concerts/stand-up), the Cormorant attracted almost 38,000 people. The establishment closed its doors yesterday. He will obviously come back next summer.


    On the Quai du Rhône, the refreshment bar Urban which also organized several events, including table tennis tournaments, counted 14,300 people on its site during its operating period, from June 16 to September 17. There too, the refreshment bar will reopen next summer.

    Neighborhood refreshments

    Note also the good attendance of several neighborhood refreshments.

    Cropettes park caravan

    Entrusted to an association, with a multitude of free activities (yoga, chess, etc.) the caravan at Parc des Cropettes attracted almost 7,000 people nowadays. It will close its doors on October 1st.

    Buvette Voies-là

    Located in the Saint-Jean district, on the covered roads, the refreshment bar Ways there has for its part drained almost 6,000 people. It remains open until September 30.

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