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    Places to welcome children and parents in the City of Geneva: a rich and diversified offer | City of Geneva

    The arrival of a child in a family can cause uncertainty and upheaval for parents.

    THE parenting support plays a major role in the City’s early childhood policy. One of the measures put in place is the creation of child-parent meeting placesto offer a listening place and of acknowledgement for the child and the accompanying adult, as well as for pregnant women.

    In these structures, the child is recognized as a whole person and adults can meet, exchange, confide, seek help or ask for advice, simple and anonymous way. The reception is free and financial participation is reduced or symbolic.

    Early childhood professionals (early childhood educators, psychologists, etc.) are committed to support the adult-child relationship and of value parenting skills. Visiting these spaces makes it possible to fight against family isolation and provide resources for young parents.

    Discover these places

    THE Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarityin close collaboration with the various child-parent reception centers, has decided to put together in the same document the offer, in order toinform parents and present them with a alternative to traditional care.

    Currently, the City of Geneva has seven child-parent reception centers on its territory:

    Practical information in the brochure download at the bottom of the page.

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