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    The City of Geneva is committed to promoting sports volunteering | City of Geneva

    From Wednesday 6 September, the City of Geneva will deploy a poster campaign in the streets of Geneva to promote And promote volunteering in the sports field. The three corresponding visuals (see below) will also be visible in the city’s sports facilities.

    Voluntary commitment plays a crucial role in our society, and particularly in the sports sector. In Geneva, as elsewhere, it contributes significantly to the quality and organization of sports activities as well as to various sports-related events.

    Support for clubs and associations in recruiting volunteers

    THE support for clubs and associations in recruiting volunteers is also part of Sports Master Plan 2022-2030 defined by the administrative advisor Marie Barbey-Chpuis. “Without volunteers, there would be no Escalade Race, Geneva Marathon, or any popular sporting event,” recalls the magistrate in charge of the Department of Security and Sports (DSSP). “It is essential to help the 800 sports clubs in Geneva to maintain their pool of volunteers by developing an incentive ecosystem”, emphasizes Marie-Barbey-Chpuis.

    Sports Volunteer Day

    In addition to a promotional campaign, for the first time last December, the DSSP organized a Sports Volunteer Day, in partnership with the association Genève Bénévolat. This first edition, which brought together 450 volunteers, aimed to thank, promote and show recognition to all sports and sports volunteers working within Geneva sports associations. A second similar event will take place on December 13, 2023.

    Volunteer training

    There volunteer training also plays an incentive role. While the acquisition of new skills benefits clubs, it also allows volunteers to develop skills and know-how that can be useful to them in an extra-sporting setting.

    Future House of Sport

    In this regard, the future house of sport currently under construction near the Bois-des-Frères Sports Center is eagerly awaited. Financed by the City of Geneva, this structure will be made available to Geneva associations and clubs in order to create synergies within the sports world.

    This House of Sport will offer various services with the objective of gatherin the same place, resources for sports associations (training, secretariat, communication, etc.), but it will also allow volunteers toto exchange And form.

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