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    Renovation of the Saint-Georges Funeral Center | City of Geneva

    A necessary renovation

    Built in the 70s, this infrastructure is in a dilapidated state that requires important works and an compliance with current standards. It is also important to equip it with infrastructure and equipment that meets the needs of today’s society. The works as such will start in February 2024but preparations begin this Monday, October 16 with the creation of an opening on the north side of the crematorium. This work will cause noise pollution, which is why the main chapels A and B, which are currently the most popular, will no longer be accessible to the public.

    Other chapels used

    Chapels at Saint-Georges cemetery

    Instead they are two other chapelsmagnificent and little-known, located in the cemeterywhich will be used:

    • the chapel of John Camoletti which includes 96 places,
    • the chapel of the Angel who offers 88.

    Chapel of the Kings at the Cemetery of the Kings

    Moreover the Chapel of the Kingslocated at cemetery of the Kingshas 175 places. She was completely renovated in 2017 and is accessible to everyone.

    New Apostolic Church

    For the ceremonies which drain a large crowdan agreement has been concluded with the New Apostolic Church, located at 14 rue Liotard, which will be able to accommodate up to 310 people.

    Organization of ceremonies

    For the same reasons of noise and comfort, welcoming families For organize the ceremonies will now take place at Avenue du Cimetière 1, in the premises of the cemetery administration.

    Works from February 2024

    From February 2024, activities will be moved partly at the Rois funeral center in which there are 12 mortuary rooms and a treatment room. A temporary funeral centerequipped with 15 mortuary rooms, will be installed in part of the Saint-Georges car park.

    During the duration of the work, the Service of funeral directors, cemeteries and crematory of the City of Geneva (SPF) remains able to ensure all of its essential missions in respectful conditionsboth for the deceased and for the public.

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