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    Scientology and CCHR Unite to Champion Mental Health and Human Rights

    In a significant collaboration, the Scientology Network and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), as reported today by The European Times, joined forces to spotlight psychiatric abuses on World Mental Health Day. Their efforts emphasized the importance of new WHO and OHCHR guidelines in safeguarding individuals’ mental health rights.

    Global Efforts and Guidelines

    Shocking statistics show that one in four Americans relies on medication, including children as young as five. Reported side effects range from violence and anxiety to psychosis and fatalities, with medication users facing a sixfold higher risk of suicide. Electroshock therapy complications have also drawn attention.

    CCHR, a non-profit organization, has played a pivotal role in enacting over 320 laws protecting individuals from abusive practices in the psychiatric industry. The Scientology Network organized a global marathon event to educate the public about psychiatric misconduct worldwide, featuring eye-opening documentaries produced by CCHR.

    WHO and OHCHR published a document titled “Promoting Mental Health Protecting Human Rights: Guidance and Practices,” acknowledging contributions from organizations like CCHR.

    Despite some legal revisions, abuses continue. Recommendations propose measures to prevent coercion in healthcare services and emphasize the importance of consent.

    Dignity and safety: Mental Health and Human Rights

    On World Mental Health Day 2023, people worldwide came together to emphasize the right to mental health and human rights protection. The ongoing fight against mistreatment underscores the importance of guidelines for safeguarding mental health, ensuring individuals receive the care they deserve.

    Iván Arjona-Pelado, Scientology representative to the EU institutions, OSCE and UN stated that “Both the marathon hosted by Scientology Network and the guidance introduced by WHO and OHCHR serve as examples of efforts to eradicate abuse and ensure that mental healthcare is rooted in human rights, which is something Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard called for at least as early as 1969”. 



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